domingo, 7 de mayo de 2006

"The Psychoanalyst"

When I was a girl I remember my parents had a bookshelf with many books on all types of subject and I looked the pictures of the books about animals all the time. Then when I began to grow other things interested me, even I hated to read and only I read for school. Finally, I study Psychology today and I have many books to read. I don't consider myself as a book worm, because I'm reading at the University all the time, but I don't read in my free time almost never.  I haven't read many books in my life, probably less than 10. I do not like science fiction books, I enjoy reading realistic books, but not of the everyday.

Recently I read “The Psychoanalyst” and I enjoyed it a lot because it is a psychological thriller with an intriguing story. I read this book in one week in the summer. This book is about a psychoanalyst who receives an anonymous letter on his birthday 53 with a period of 15 days to discover his identity or he should commit suicide, or the anonymous person destroy the life of a beloved family member of the psychoanalyst. This novel was recommended by my sister and now I recommend them to everyone because it is very entertaining.