jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012


Hello, I’m going to talk about the English subject, or the idiom in general. In this moment I think learn English is very important in many areas of the life. For example I would like to make a travel to different countries and in that situation is very important know that idiom. Other reason is if you want be a complete profesional, is very important know that idiom, you need read articles all time and today the better information is in English. Because these reasons is very important the English, I hope can to learn more and maybe I hope dominate the English good.
When I started my studies at the university I didn’t know nothing about English. My school were very bad in this subject, I had bad teachers. I think my bad English is because I’m from Quellón and the education in that place is more or less, and English is a secondary subject in that place. Today is very important give a good education in the different idioms, specifically English because when you are a child, you learn faster.
At University I did English I, English II, English III and actually I did English IV, really I’m so boring but I think I learned a lot. I think the program in general is good, but there are better teachers, por example, I think my teacher of English IV is very good because she don’t use the English book because she prefer that we practice oral idiom, that is very good for the learning. Also, the use of blogs is very good because you learn to write in English, you learn to express yourself in English through writing.
Today I can speak a little English, but obviously I need more practice. I hope to practice English all time because is easy forget quickly.
Also, today I use English when anyone need  help in streets or in my job, when I read articles and including, when I see movies or series and I don’t have the subtitles.
Finally, I hope approve English IV and I hope practice and learn more English for myself.

lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Diabetes in childhood

Hello, today I’m going to talk about a new that I read in the link http://www.guardian.co.uk/. Specifically, my choice is a new about the Diabetes and how this problem affects the childhood and the family.  In this new, the mother of Izzi said about the process that they lived around the Diabetes disease. Izzi was 10 years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and her mother say in the article about this disease and how affects all family, included Izzi’s brother with 7 years old.
Really, a child never is ready to confront any disease and maybe, least that, with very much responsibility. I think the children with diabetes need psychological attention because they need understand this problem the better way possible. Is very easy this children feels different about their friends and classmates, maybe they think is very unfair and about this way, they can has depression, a low self-esteem, etc. Because that, is very important the parent to receive psychological attention too, because they must to help their children in this process, also they must to keep calm.  Is important too, the siblings like the Izzi’s brother because is very normal that they think its brother or sister maybe will dead and is job of parents teach about this situation. I think the social environment is very important too, and in that case is job of teachers to educate about this topic in the class.  
Finally, I think very important the psychology in these situations, because it helps to keep mental health many times.

The link about this new: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2012/nov/18/diabetes-a-lost-childhood.

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Seven Pounds

Today, I’m going to talk about a movie that I enjoyed very much. I love to see movies in general, I’m seen movies all the time but I have preferences. For example I prefer dramatic movies and sometimes, comedy movies.

The movie “Seven Pounds” is great, I saw this movie in my house with my boyfriend some years ago, maybe two years or three. In this movie you can see the actor Will Smith, a very good actor for me; you can see his talent in “The Persuit of Happyness” too


“Seven Pounds” is a dramatic movie and the topic is Will Smith like men with one objective: change the life of seven stranger people. This idea to emerge because the protagonist to cause an accident in the past where dead six stranger people and his girlfriend. Since that moment, he decided to help seven strangers, in the limit of to commit suicide for help two ultimate people. Between two people, Emily, his new love.

Really, I enjoy this movie because although is very sad, I enjoy unexpected ends in the movies. For me, is very important the end because I think is boring when a movie has a expect ending. Anyway, I think there are good movies without that, but I prefer movies with that. I hope you enjoy this movie like me.      

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

My political position

Hello, today I’m going to talk about my political position, specifically about the recently municipal elections. In that occasion I didn’t vote because I was to register in other localization, specifically in Quellón (Chiloé) and I didn’t make the change in the time because my father was councilor candidate in Quellón and I was trying to travel in that date and like that I would give my vote to my father. I think is very important to give the personal vote but I don’t think if you don’t vote you can’t give one political opinion. In this moment I’m satisfied with the election in my commune, it’s Santiago, because I think Carolina Tohá is a good leader and maybe she can to make a good job. I don’t have a political system too rigid, even I believe in the people, in the personal opinions and personal positions, I don’t believe in political systems in rigid way. I think the political system in Chile is very important but it is too bad, in my opinion. I think actually there are too much dissatisfied in Chile about the political and politics in general. Always there were bad political, bad laws and bad reforms, but today the communication and globalization in general show us that problem with more clarity and the people are tired. Finally, I hope the recently municipal elections give us new and good fruits in our present and our future. 

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

The greatest chilean of all time

On my opinion the greatest chilean of all time is Violeta Parra. She was a songwriter, painter, sculptor between other things. She is the folklorist more important in Chile, and is the founder of Chilean folk music. Addition to the transcendence of her music, I like her poetic lyrics and socially committed. About the life of Violeta, she was a woman very hardworking since she was young, because her father was dead when she was only 14 years old and her family started to have economic problems. She started to work with her sister in different places, singing. Later she recorded several albums and she became known in many parts of the world. In one of her travels she met the love of her life but when she was 49 years old she committed suicide because the term of her relationship. In the process that she was in depression she make songs like “Gracias a la vida”, that is very paradoxical. Finally she left a legacy and many important singers and bands have new versions of their songs.
If I could talk to Violeta Parra I would not do questions, just I would tell her that she is a good songwriter and I think I would show my admiration for her creations.


The activities in general were funny and not so difficult. I could put my skills in practice and I discovered my bad english. Maybe, I can use the english for practical moments, but I still have to learn a lot. In the activities I followed instructions and I answered the questions. The activities consisted in different items with several questions. In some activities I learned new words that I can use for my vocabulary, with other activities like the “listenings” I discovered that my problem more serious with the english is that and I need practice this shortcoming. In the items about "reading comprehension" I had more abilities because I answered the questions quite well and fast. Finally I think it was a good activity because  it allowed evaluate me in many ways and also it is different to other activities that we do in the second hour of the class. I hope to get better results later.

The best gift :D

The best gift that I received is a travel to Punta Arenas with my family. When I was 11 years old my parents organized this travel because my father was born in that place and was very important for him make a travel with my mother, my sister and me. In that moment was my first time in a plane and I was very nervous and scared but later It was very funny for me. In Punta Arenas I met cousins, aunts and uncles that I had never seen. Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and their typical tourist places like “las torres del paine”, “la silla del diablo”, “la cueva del Milodón” and Magallanes in general is too beautiful. I met many places but the island where my father lived with his parents and brothers was uninhabited because there were wild animals. Anyway I met the school where my father studied, the home of my father’s grandparents and the gym where my father played basketball, his passion. Also, everyday we had activities and familiar meetings with delicious food and happiness. Really, this travel for me was the best gift that my parents could give me. At this moment this gift is only a memory and the photos that I took in different places.

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

¡The National Holidays!

Hello, I'm going to talk about the "Fiestas Patrias". The last national holidays my parents came to Santiago and we went to “Fonda Guachaca”. First I went to house of my uncle with my parents, my sister, my grandmother and my cousins: a funny familiar meeting. That day we ate delicious and typical Chilean food, for example: “Anticuchos”, “Empanadas”, “Mote con huesillos” and we drunk typical Chilean drink like “Terremoto” and "Chicha". Then we danced “Cueca” and we played some typical games like “Rayuela”. Really, that familiar meeting was the best. Finally my parents, my sister and me went to “Fonda Guachaca” in the night, we danced “Cumbias” and drank “Terremoto”, really the best national holidays in my life.
This year I went to my house in Quellón and I enjoyed very much too but I think that I ate too food every day. I went to Quellon for 10 days and I went out with my friends 5 days, really I ended very tired and inclusive I was sick of “amigdalitis” the last day and I was in my bed with fever, the horrible finish of my little vacations.
Really, I love Fiestas Patrias, I think that it is a funny date for familiar and friends meetings. All people in Chile went out to “Fondas”, all people in Chile make typical food, and all people in Chile are happy in these days. September is my favorite month of year because I love the parties, the familiar meetings, the good food: The happiness. I wait happy for the next Fiestas Patrias! J

¡My first day at University!

Hi, I’m going to talk about my first day at university, specifically in Bachillerato in Humanities. I started my studies in this program at the University of Chile because I didn’t know my vocation. I’m from Chiloé and my first day at university was too my first day in Santiago. When I went to my first class I felt very lost, the people and the place was news for me. The first few classes were interesting for me; I was discovering many things in the same time. I had scientific subjects and humanities subjects and I enjoyed very much psychology and sociology in that semester, I discovered that the humanities were my vocation.  The first day at university I spoke with 2 girls: Veronica and Carola and after we were good friends, but 4 months later Veronica desertion the program. The first semester was very stressful for me because I was far away my family and the subjects were very difficult for me. I was sad and I slept a lot but some months later I started to enjoy my new life. I think that first 2 years in Santiago was more difficult because I didn’t know ¿which is the correct career for me?. Today I’m studying Psychology and I’m very happy with my life, my career and my friends.

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

My best friend!

Hi! Today I’m talking about my best friend. When I was 5 years old I met many friends and my best friend in the Garden, in Quellón. My best friend is Yasmin, she is the daughter of my mother`s best friend and that is great because we can to see all the time. Since I went to garden, 16 years ago, I met my best friend and all the time together has been great!.  My friend is very different to me because she is very extrovert and crazy and I’m most careful. She’s studying theatre and I’m studying psychology, very different careers. I think that the opposite people together are a complement. Also we have things in common too, for example we enjoy in the parties and we enjoy to seeing good films. When we were 18 years old came to Santiago and we started to meet less because we’re living far and are more difficult for our different free time. This week I come back to Quellón with my sister and my best friend by bus for the National Holidays and I will enjoy with my family and my friends beautiful moments and delicious typical food, I’m very happy J

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

First Semester!

I started the first semester of 2012 very tired because we had only 1 month of vacations for the paralyzation of class in the second semester of 2011. In the first semester I learned something about my favorite area in psychology: clinic. I studied Psychopathology with especial interest because it is my favorite area in psychology and this semester I have Psychiatry and I’m very happy. The last semester I didn’t a lot activities in my free time because I studied and worked…my free time was limited. Anyway I saw many films and I went out with my friends the weekends. My principal problem that semester was the rupture of my relationship with my boyfriend. I was in this relationship for nearly 3 years and it was very difficult but today is an obsolete topic for me. Also the first semester was a good in my studies because I get excellent marks in the 5 subjects that I had. My family believed that my good performance was consequence to my rupture with my boyfriend but I don’t think so. Finally, I went to Chiloé in winter’s vacations and enjoyed with my parents for 3 weeks.  

lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012


I’m from Chiloé, specifically Quellón but when I finally the secondary I come to Santiago because in Chiloé there aren’t University. I had live in Santiago for 4 years and my perception of this city is enough good. I like to find different things to make in my free time, go to shipping, go to walk in beautiful places, go to cinema, etc because in Chiloé isn’t like that, is boring sometimes. I dislike the stress in this city, the traffic, the people is running all the time and this is stressful. Also is very expensive and the security is bad in some places. I would like the cheap and better transport, better security in ever places, and more happiness in the people, this is healthy. I would give some tips to a visitor to the city like: to visit Lastarria street because is a beautiful neighborhood for go to delicious food or drink, to visit Bustamante Park because is a great park for go to walk or run. Also I recommend to go out early and to care you things because there are bad people everywhere.

Finally in the picture you see a part of Lastarria neighborhood.  

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012


I think this case is very polemic and interesting because it include topics like justice and politic. I think Assange is guilty about the confidential information traffic but I can´t talk about sexual abuse because there are many interests involves. I think the Ecuatiorans badly acted because the political and social interests were taken into account before justice when they offer him political assignment. The wikileaks scandal is a scandal as he says the word but I think some important politicians are hypocrites and guilty of many crimes and Wikileaks shows these cases. In this respect I think is necesary to criticize both cases: Politicians and Assange. I think the case will end up with Assange in prisión because EEUU is powerfull. I don't ask anything to Assange because I don’t know enough about this topic, but I believe that justice should be another, and it should govern the same way for important political.

domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Video Games

When I was a little girl I liked to play video games like mario bross, tarzán, donkey kong, etc. I played this games in a video games store because I didn’t have a video game console at home. At that time I played with my sister and friends and I really enjoyed.
Then, when I was 9 years old my parents gave me a video game console but It had few games and I quickly got bored.  
Today, my sister has a Xbox 360 with Kinect and always We danced with the game "dance central" and sometimes we do yoga. But I don’t enjoy video games with joystick or in the computer.
I think the video games with sensor are very good for the health of the children because They should move all time to win, for me this is make exercices which is very productive.
Finally, although I really enjoy playing this type of video games I prefer going out or spending time with my family and friends because that is the real life.
I recommend you play my favorite game: Dance Central, because it is fun and very productive.

domingo, 24 de junio de 2012


I want holidays NOW! The last holidays were very short and boring because the students of my faculty went on strike and the holidays lasted 1 month like a consequence. In this moment I want to go home because
I haven’t seen my parents for 4 months, fortunately I will can to travel to Chiloé in 2 weeks and I will can enjoy my little holidays of winter. 
In the holidays of winter I travel to Chiloé because my family live there, my home is there. In the holidays of summer I go to other places of Chile with my family and it is very fun. I prefer the holidays on the beach because Chiloé had a very cold weather and Santiago hadn’t beach and I enjoy swimming and eating ice cream. I prefer to travel with my family or my friends. When I travel with my family I prefer to stay in a cabin and when I travel with my friend I prefer to stay in a camping because is most cheap and fun.
The last time that I went on holidays was 2 years ago and I went to Pucón, Saltos de Petrohué, Frutillar and Caburgua with my family. We stay in cabins all days and we went to beach all days too. I swim 2 or 3 hours every day with my sister, I loved it!.
My best holidays were when I was 11 years old and I traveled to Punta Arenas with my family because my father was born there and some of his family live there. I liked to meet some of my family that I don't knew and the place is beautiful, the weather is very cold but this gives it the magic.
In my next vacations I’m going to San Pedro de Atacama with my parents and my sister and I am very anxious because I have seen a pictures and I think it is a perfect place for the next holidays.

sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Maria Montessori

I’m not a person who admires other people, I admire my family, but I do not admire characters I don’t know. However, there is a woman whom I admire, Maria Montessori.
Maria Montessori was an educator, scientific, psychiatrist, philosopher, psychologist and the first woman to graduate as a doctor in Italy in 1896.
She created the Montessori Method from their experiences with children at risk. Based his ideas on respect for children and their impressive ability to learn. Teaching materials that she design is helpful in pre-school period.
Is difficult understand the impact that Maria Montessori had in the renovation of teaching methods in the early twentieth century, because most of his ideas now seem obvious and even too simple. But at the time were radical innovations, which raised great controversy especially among the more conservative.
Maria Montessori seems worthy to admire because she always was interested in that all children have an opportunity for education even beyond the political and belief problems to faced both by the time she lived and by countries where she conducted her career.

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

My favorite picture

In this occasion I’m going to tell you about a photo that I love. Probably my mother took this photo but I’m not quite sure about that. In this photo you can see my sister holding me in her arms and we are very happy at that moment. This photo was taken a long time ago, when I was around 2 years old. The fun of this picture is that I have a perfume in my hands and probably I was trying to throw the perfume to my sister' face but I was very stubborn and my sister was very smart, so really I doubt that I have achieved my objective. I love this photo because it makes me remember my childhood together with my sister. We enjoyed playing tricks together all the time but we fought a lot too. Also, I love this photo because it shows the companion of my life and the happiness that we have when we are together, my sister has walked beside me always. Really, she is my biggest supporter... she is my best friend.

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

I love Dogs!

I love Dogs. When I was 5 years old I told my parents that I wanted a dog and they gave me a puddle. The name of my pet was Toby and he was the best pet for me, I played with him every day, but when I began to grow I began to abandon my pet too. This is very sad because he died when I was 17 years old and I felt guilty bacause I didn’t make good use of my time with him. Because of my first pet I love dogs, -¡the best pet is a dog!-. I think that dogs are very sensitive, they are very espressive all the time, for example when they are hungry, if they miss someone, if they want to play with you, etc. I had several more animals like a hamster, catitas, a sheep and a lizard and I enjoyed with them but I didn`t feel the same that I felt for my dog. Today I have 2 dogs, both are labradores retriever, they are Sirio and Miel and I love them, but I miss them all the time because they are in Chiloé with my parents. 

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Laptop, Laptop, Laptop!

If you don't have a laptop or computer, your life must be very difficult. Fortunately, today is easier to get this piece of technology.
My favorite piece of technology is the laptop. The laptop is a portable computer very lightly and this is very useful. The laptop has the ability to connect without electrical access for a determinate time and this is very good for extreme occasions, this is because it's has a battery. My laptop was a present of my parents for my graduation, this was 3 years ago.  I use my laptop all the time, when I’m doing a work for the University, when I’m watching a movie, when I`m listening the music, when I’m talking with my friends in the social networks...all the time! Definitely, every day I use my computer. I like my laptop because helps me to solve my doubts quickly and easy. Also, I like my laptop because I can to see my family in webcam because my parents lives very far away, they live in Chiloé. My life without my laptop would be a lot more difficult because I would have to pay more many for discs of music, books, movies, etc. Also, I couldn’t see my parents the entire semester and that would be very sad… Really, my laptop makes my life easier.

viernes, 20 de abril de 2012


I’ll tell you about my favorite singer in this occasion. My favorite singer is Adele. She is a famous British singer and she is an author and singer of pop, jazz, soul and blues. Adele won 8 Grammy awards, she is great! I like this singer because I identity with her music and she have a good voice but I dislike some of her songs because they are too sad. My favorite song is “Someone like you” is a sad romantic song, but I like it because she`s talking about the sad farewell to a love and this is a common situation in the people, who has not experienced it? Finally I attached a video clip of Adele and I hope you like it.

About me

This time I will make a small review of my life:
My name is Paola Mancilla Almonacid. I was born in Santiago, Chile, however, I lived my life on the big island of Chiloe, specifically in Quellón. I started my basic education in school, “Eulogia Borquez Perez," but I switched to School "San Agustin" when I was 11 year old and I finished my basic education there. My high school was begun in high school "Rayen Mapu", however, I was there only one year, and I switched back to school "San Agustin" where were all my childhood friends and where I finished that stage of my life. At 18 years old I had to leave my family to study at university and I started a Bachillerato with a major in humanities at the University of Chile, Santiago, and finally 2 years later I started studying Psychology at the same university, in that I´m at this time.
I'm the youngest of 3 sisters, the oldest is my half blood sister, she is daughter of my father. We get along very well.
I don’t have many hobbies, but I really enjoy eating out with a pleasant company (my friends, my boyfriend, my sister,etc), listening to good music, going to the cinema with my boyfriend or watch movies at home, etc. Without doubt, what I enjoy most is when I meet my family on vacation.