domingo, 24 de junio de 2012


I want holidays NOW! The last holidays were very short and boring because the students of my faculty went on strike and the holidays lasted 1 month like a consequence. In this moment I want to go home because
I haven’t seen my parents for 4 months, fortunately I will can to travel to Chiloé in 2 weeks and I will can enjoy my little holidays of winter. 
In the holidays of winter I travel to Chiloé because my family live there, my home is there. In the holidays of summer I go to other places of Chile with my family and it is very fun. I prefer the holidays on the beach because Chiloé had a very cold weather and Santiago hadn’t beach and I enjoy swimming and eating ice cream. I prefer to travel with my family or my friends. When I travel with my family I prefer to stay in a cabin and when I travel with my friend I prefer to stay in a camping because is most cheap and fun.
The last time that I went on holidays was 2 years ago and I went to Pucón, Saltos de Petrohué, Frutillar and Caburgua with my family. We stay in cabins all days and we went to beach all days too. I swim 2 or 3 hours every day with my sister, I loved it!.
My best holidays were when I was 11 years old and I traveled to Punta Arenas with my family because my father was born there and some of his family live there. I liked to meet some of my family that I don't knew and the place is beautiful, the weather is very cold but this gives it the magic.
In my next vacations I’m going to San Pedro de Atacama with my parents and my sister and I am very anxious because I have seen a pictures and I think it is a perfect place for the next holidays.

sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Maria Montessori

I’m not a person who admires other people, I admire my family, but I do not admire characters I don’t know. However, there is a woman whom I admire, Maria Montessori.
Maria Montessori was an educator, scientific, psychiatrist, philosopher, psychologist and the first woman to graduate as a doctor in Italy in 1896.
She created the Montessori Method from their experiences with children at risk. Based his ideas on respect for children and their impressive ability to learn. Teaching materials that she design is helpful in pre-school period.
Is difficult understand the impact that Maria Montessori had in the renovation of teaching methods in the early twentieth century, because most of his ideas now seem obvious and even too simple. But at the time were radical innovations, which raised great controversy especially among the more conservative.
Maria Montessori seems worthy to admire because she always was interested in that all children have an opportunity for education even beyond the political and belief problems to faced both by the time she lived and by countries where she conducted her career.