domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Video Games

When I was a little girl I liked to play video games like mario bross, tarzán, donkey kong, etc. I played this games in a video games store because I didn’t have a video game console at home. At that time I played with my sister and friends and I really enjoyed.
Then, when I was 9 years old my parents gave me a video game console but It had few games and I quickly got bored.  
Today, my sister has a Xbox 360 with Kinect and always We danced with the game "dance central" and sometimes we do yoga. But I don’t enjoy video games with joystick or in the computer.
I think the video games with sensor are very good for the health of the children because They should move all time to win, for me this is make exercices which is very productive.
Finally, although I really enjoy playing this type of video games I prefer going out or spending time with my family and friends because that is the real life.
I recommend you play my favorite game: Dance Central, because it is fun and very productive.