lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012


I’m from Chiloé, specifically Quellón but when I finally the secondary I come to Santiago because in Chiloé there aren’t University. I had live in Santiago for 4 years and my perception of this city is enough good. I like to find different things to make in my free time, go to shipping, go to walk in beautiful places, go to cinema, etc because in Chiloé isn’t like that, is boring sometimes. I dislike the stress in this city, the traffic, the people is running all the time and this is stressful. Also is very expensive and the security is bad in some places. I would like the cheap and better transport, better security in ever places, and more happiness in the people, this is healthy. I would give some tips to a visitor to the city like: to visit Lastarria street because is a beautiful neighborhood for go to delicious food or drink, to visit Bustamante Park because is a great park for go to walk or run. Also I recommend to go out early and to care you things because there are bad people everywhere.

Finally in the picture you see a part of Lastarria neighborhood.  

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012


I think this case is very polemic and interesting because it include topics like justice and politic. I think Assange is guilty about the confidential information traffic but I can´t talk about sexual abuse because there are many interests involves. I think the Ecuatiorans badly acted because the political and social interests were taken into account before justice when they offer him political assignment. The wikileaks scandal is a scandal as he says the word but I think some important politicians are hypocrites and guilty of many crimes and Wikileaks shows these cases. In this respect I think is necesary to criticize both cases: Politicians and Assange. I think the case will end up with Assange in prisión because EEUU is powerfull. I don't ask anything to Assange because I don’t know enough about this topic, but I believe that justice should be another, and it should govern the same way for important political.