lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

My best friend!

Hi! Today I’m talking about my best friend. When I was 5 years old I met many friends and my best friend in the Garden, in Quellón. My best friend is Yasmin, she is the daughter of my mother`s best friend and that is great because we can to see all the time. Since I went to garden, 16 years ago, I met my best friend and all the time together has been great!.  My friend is very different to me because she is very extrovert and crazy and I’m most careful. She’s studying theatre and I’m studying psychology, very different careers. I think that the opposite people together are a complement. Also we have things in common too, for example we enjoy in the parties and we enjoy to seeing good films. When we were 18 years old came to Santiago and we started to meet less because we’re living far and are more difficult for our different free time. This week I come back to Quellón with my sister and my best friend by bus for the National Holidays and I will enjoy with my family and my friends beautiful moments and delicious typical food, I’m very happy J

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

First Semester!

I started the first semester of 2012 very tired because we had only 1 month of vacations for the paralyzation of class in the second semester of 2011. In the first semester I learned something about my favorite area in psychology: clinic. I studied Psychopathology with especial interest because it is my favorite area in psychology and this semester I have Psychiatry and I’m very happy. The last semester I didn’t a lot activities in my free time because I studied and worked…my free time was limited. Anyway I saw many films and I went out with my friends the weekends. My principal problem that semester was the rupture of my relationship with my boyfriend. I was in this relationship for nearly 3 years and it was very difficult but today is an obsolete topic for me. Also the first semester was a good in my studies because I get excellent marks in the 5 subjects that I had. My family believed that my good performance was consequence to my rupture with my boyfriend but I don’t think so. Finally, I went to Chiloé in winter’s vacations and enjoyed with my parents for 3 weeks.