lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

¡The National Holidays!

Hello, I'm going to talk about the "Fiestas Patrias". The last national holidays my parents came to Santiago and we went to “Fonda Guachaca”. First I went to house of my uncle with my parents, my sister, my grandmother and my cousins: a funny familiar meeting. That day we ate delicious and typical Chilean food, for example: “Anticuchos”, “Empanadas”, “Mote con huesillos” and we drunk typical Chilean drink like “Terremoto” and "Chicha". Then we danced “Cueca” and we played some typical games like “Rayuela”. Really, that familiar meeting was the best. Finally my parents, my sister and me went to “Fonda Guachaca” in the night, we danced “Cumbias” and drank “Terremoto”, really the best national holidays in my life.
This year I went to my house in Quellón and I enjoyed very much too but I think that I ate too food every day. I went to Quellon for 10 days and I went out with my friends 5 days, really I ended very tired and inclusive I was sick of “amigdalitis” the last day and I was in my bed with fever, the horrible finish of my little vacations.
Really, I love Fiestas Patrias, I think that it is a funny date for familiar and friends meetings. All people in Chile went out to “Fondas”, all people in Chile make typical food, and all people in Chile are happy in these days. September is my favorite month of year because I love the parties, the familiar meetings, the good food: The happiness. I wait happy for the next Fiestas Patrias! J

¡My first day at University!

Hi, I’m going to talk about my first day at university, specifically in Bachillerato in Humanities. I started my studies in this program at the University of Chile because I didn’t know my vocation. I’m from Chiloé and my first day at university was too my first day in Santiago. When I went to my first class I felt very lost, the people and the place was news for me. The first few classes were interesting for me; I was discovering many things in the same time. I had scientific subjects and humanities subjects and I enjoyed very much psychology and sociology in that semester, I discovered that the humanities were my vocation.  The first day at university I spoke with 2 girls: Veronica and Carola and after we were good friends, but 4 months later Veronica desertion the program. The first semester was very stressful for me because I was far away my family and the subjects were very difficult for me. I was sad and I slept a lot but some months later I started to enjoy my new life. I think that first 2 years in Santiago was more difficult because I didn’t know ¿which is the correct career for me?. Today I’m studying Psychology and I’m very happy with my life, my career and my friends.