jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012


Hello, I’m going to talk about the English subject, or the idiom in general. In this moment I think learn English is very important in many areas of the life. For example I would like to make a travel to different countries and in that situation is very important know that idiom. Other reason is if you want be a complete profesional, is very important know that idiom, you need read articles all time and today the better information is in English. Because these reasons is very important the English, I hope can to learn more and maybe I hope dominate the English good.
When I started my studies at the university I didn’t know nothing about English. My school were very bad in this subject, I had bad teachers. I think my bad English is because I’m from Quellón and the education in that place is more or less, and English is a secondary subject in that place. Today is very important give a good education in the different idioms, specifically English because when you are a child, you learn faster.
At University I did English I, English II, English III and actually I did English IV, really I’m so boring but I think I learned a lot. I think the program in general is good, but there are better teachers, por example, I think my teacher of English IV is very good because she don’t use the English book because she prefer that we practice oral idiom, that is very good for the learning. Also, the use of blogs is very good because you learn to write in English, you learn to express yourself in English through writing.
Today I can speak a little English, but obviously I need more practice. I hope to practice English all time because is easy forget quickly.
Also, today I use English when anyone need  help in streets or in my job, when I read articles and including, when I see movies or series and I don’t have the subtitles.
Finally, I hope approve English IV and I hope practice and learn more English for myself.

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