lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Seven Pounds

Today, I’m going to talk about a movie that I enjoyed very much. I love to see movies in general, I’m seen movies all the time but I have preferences. For example I prefer dramatic movies and sometimes, comedy movies.

The movie “Seven Pounds” is great, I saw this movie in my house with my boyfriend some years ago, maybe two years or three. In this movie you can see the actor Will Smith, a very good actor for me; you can see his talent in “The Persuit of Happyness” too


“Seven Pounds” is a dramatic movie and the topic is Will Smith like men with one objective: change the life of seven stranger people. This idea to emerge because the protagonist to cause an accident in the past where dead six stranger people and his girlfriend. Since that moment, he decided to help seven strangers, in the limit of to commit suicide for help two ultimate people. Between two people, Emily, his new love.

Really, I enjoy this movie because although is very sad, I enjoy unexpected ends in the movies. For me, is very important the end because I think is boring when a movie has a expect ending. Anyway, I think there are good movies without that, but I prefer movies with that. I hope you enjoy this movie like me.      

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  1. oh, is a very sad movie. i dont remember too much about this movie, but i remember was a very saaad and my sister cry when saw it