domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

The best gift :D

The best gift that I received is a travel to Punta Arenas with my family. When I was 11 years old my parents organized this travel because my father was born in that place and was very important for him make a travel with my mother, my sister and me. In that moment was my first time in a plane and I was very nervous and scared but later It was very funny for me. In Punta Arenas I met cousins, aunts and uncles that I had never seen. Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and their typical tourist places like “las torres del paine”, “la silla del diablo”, “la cueva del Milodón” and Magallanes in general is too beautiful. I met many places but the island where my father lived with his parents and brothers was uninhabited because there were wild animals. Anyway I met the school where my father studied, the home of my father’s grandparents and the gym where my father played basketball, his passion. Also, everyday we had activities and familiar meetings with delicious food and happiness. Really, this travel for me was the best gift that my parents could give me. At this moment this gift is only a memory and the photos that I took in different places.

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