domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

The greatest chilean of all time

On my opinion the greatest chilean of all time is Violeta Parra. She was a songwriter, painter, sculptor between other things. She is the folklorist more important in Chile, and is the founder of Chilean folk music. Addition to the transcendence of her music, I like her poetic lyrics and socially committed. About the life of Violeta, she was a woman very hardworking since she was young, because her father was dead when she was only 14 years old and her family started to have economic problems. She started to work with her sister in different places, singing. Later she recorded several albums and she became known in many parts of the world. In one of her travels she met the love of her life but when she was 49 years old she committed suicide because the term of her relationship. In the process that she was in depression she make songs like “Gracias a la vida”, that is very paradoxical. Finally she left a legacy and many important singers and bands have new versions of their songs.
If I could talk to Violeta Parra I would not do questions, just I would tell her that she is a good songwriter and I think I would show my admiration for her creations.

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